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Recycling Computers In Boca Raton FLORIDA

No Cost Pick Up in


       There are a few different ways

 of riding yourself of the printers wires 

servers,computers and old surplus 

you have accumulated over the years.

 Keeping in mind that there is some data 

that is of a very Sensitive & Confidential

 manor,And that you would want to keep it

 that way just for security reasons.

(#1) You and the crew can take half a day

 off from normal  business responsibility's

 and activities. Put on your work clothes

 and load it up on the company truck off to

 the local dusty and dirty scrap yard you go

Not so pleasant or productive.

(#2) You can hire a Trash / Junk hauling 

company that will cost you hundreds of 

dollars,That being said they will bring your 

old surplus equipment to the local land fill 

or junk yard, where some one may just 

ramble thru your old hard drives and 

information not the most responsible way.

 (#3)  You call (954) 368-4943
 Boca Raton  E-waste Pick Up

   E-scrap & E- waste is our only business.

 Refurbishing and Recycling computers

& electronic equipment is our specialty.

 It is what we do every single day, day after

 day It's just not some something we do

 every once in a while like most recycling 

company's. Computer and Electronic's 

Recycling is our only business we do it

 every day and are very good at it. 

    Not all E-waste recycling company's are

 the same, and it's up to you to find the

 best one that meets your requirements.

 "Boca E-waste Pick Up" Is that company.

We are large enough to handle any 

amount of equipment, yet small enough to

 answer and address any concerns 

or questions you may have, on a one on 

one basis.  

   We have your security in mind,

 We offer *No Cost*  Hard Drive 

destruction  both on and off site.

With our company issued certificates of 

both destruction and recycling that are

 detailed and than signed and witnessed

for your record keeping.!!!!!



computers being received
old surplus servers
large amount of wire for recycling
destroyed hard drives
we have small and large trucks
welcome to Boca Raton
Certificate of destruction